About Us

It's all about a passion when I first started creating the sample tests for the DAT in November 2003, knowing that the intended product could one day be a valuable tool to students' preparation needs. The completed program got its first customer on eBay the same day it was listed in December 2004. A few months down the road, both the content and the software features were revised to better reflect the test taking experience for the users. Because of my strong background in physics, a similar guide for the OAT was later developed prior to its release in August 2005.

Then, the idea of making a great CBT for the MCAT came to my mind when I began seeing a three fold increase of demand for DAT and OAT Achievers in 2006, on top of the numerous compliments from students who did well in their exams. In the fall of 2007, the grand expedition to author MCAT Achiever kicked off with all practice exams fittingly agreeable in September 2008. The questions/solutions have since been heavily revised and edited while a concomitant product in PCAT has also been looked into and worked on to ultimately serve all aspiring candidates in the leading pre-professional health studies.

That you will stand out from the mediocre test takers through the use of the Achiever test series is my earnest and sincere wish always.

Raymond Fam, Test author of DAT/OAT/MCAT/PCAT Achievers