If I purchase the product, will it work on my MacBook?

Absolutely. In fact, you may first have a trial run on it to ensure all functionalities work prior to paying for the full license software.

Do you keep the tests updated?

With the content now stored at the server, getting the questions and answers revised has never been easier. This feature also ascertains that all existing users receive the most recent updates without the hassle of uninstalling/reinstalling the software.

I constantly receive low scores on the practice tests. Should these freak me out?

The mock tests have generally been designed to be more challenging than the actual ones, as measures to better prepare you for the big day. Do not be discouraged if you happen to be scoring lower than you have expected to. You should, nonetheless, consistently refer to your textbooks/lecture notes on chapters/topics you are weak at, and progressively improve your scores from there.

Can I take the practice tests more than once?

You can create as many complete or custom delivered tests as you like, bearing in mind that your first attempted scores will always measure a lot more than the repeated ones.

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

In compliance with the standard industry practice, each licensed copy of software is encrypted to run on a designated PC or Apple computer. For best test taking results, have it installed on a desktop like you would expect to meet at the testing center. If you need to travel a lot, getting it deployed to a laptop is a better option then.

Where do I get support if there is a problem running the software?

Simply browse to the Contact Us page and leave a detailed message there with any concern you have in mind.

What makes the Achiever test series stand out from the rest?

The cohesive/concerted test authoring structure that counts NOT on third party writers, commitment to excel on latest updates for currently administered tests, untiring effort and on-going research ... have all been geared to outshine the competitors.

How are the software features compared with other test prep products?

MCAT, DAT, OAT, and PCAT Achievers are the only products out there that can run flawlessly on both Mac and Windows platforms, with no compromise of functionalities seen only at the testing centers. This will give all users an added advantage of getting more familiar with the actual testing screen.

How long can I use the tests for?

You can access the trial for a week, whereas the paid version will last you for 120 days.